Sunday, December 12, 2010

hurm lonely when u not on side of me . ya , i was wrong . maybe u not gonna forgive me anymore . hurm awak btul . sy nie truk kn . slalu buad awk mngis walaupun awk ketawe . hey gadis , sy rindu awk . 2 hari sy tnggu awk texting sy or call sy . tp ... awk pegy mne ?? hurm sy cube tnye awk perkare tue tp jawapn awk adalah , awk bkn sape sape dlm idup sy . knape tnggu sy ?? ya ur right lady . sy bkn sape sape dlm idup awk . sy cume rindukn awk . rndu suare awk . maafkn sy sbb da bersikap kasar kt awk . sy ta brniat nk buad awk mngis . sy tawu sy sape . awk hot , chantek , nice , caring sume gal jales ngn awk sbb awk HOTSTUFF . hurm dlu awk ckp "I LOVE HIM FIRST" kt sy tp maybe skunk nie mngkin sy da ta wujud dlm kamus idup awk lagy . hurm sblum awk pegy , sy nk minta maaf kt awk sbb da bnyk buad awk mngis . hope awk brjaye dptkn ap yg awk nk kt dlm dunia nie ye . name awk , wajah awk , suare awk sumenye ad dlm fikirn sy . hukhukhuk :') thanks kawan  

hurm forgive me . sorry coz hurt ur feeling . you know what that u are my VVIP . sorry cant be like before this . me jeolous coz u have a lot of fans . ya like i said u were HOTSTUFF . to MRS DUCK , me MR PERFECT just want u to know that im not perfect to take over ur heart back . hope u will forgive me n i will wait for ur texting n calling every seconds . u always in my mind . forgive me girl :'(

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